Monday, 15 February 2016

Short Story

Finding My Way...
By Lisa Ekhed

Finding My Way...
By Lisa Ekhed
The hallways were crowded with backpacks and students. I tried to navigate through the maze of students to my personal space. My locker. After my 6th try the lock opened. My frustration had built up. This was not the way I wanted my day to begin. At least not here. I placed all of my books where I wanted them and snatched out my math binder, grabbed my pencil case and ran to class.
“Everybody be quiet!” shouted a woman dressed in a chocolate brown button down blazer. I assumed that she was the math teacher. I sat quietly the whole class and did not participate in the class discussions. I didn’t solve any problem that class.
“Sophie, what did you answer for question 4d?” The teacher asked.
“Ummm, I, I, I”, I stumbled. “I didn’t get to that problem...” I answered quickly.
“Well work faster next time.” She replied in a harsh voice, giving me the evil eye. “More homework for you.”

The clock ticked slower that ever. When the break bell went off everyone rushed out to their friend groups, chatting and laughing. Talking about their perfect lives. I sat down at an empty table in the far right corner of the canteen. I looked at my mashed potatoes and chicken that lay on my plate in front of me. I tried to disappear into the shadows, but that didn’t work. I hated this place and would never, ever start liking it. Ever. I let my fingers tangle through my light-brown hair and my green eyes stare into nowhere.
When the day finally ended I took the schoolbus home. The seats looked unhappy, old, and teared apart. Candy wrappers and rubbish covered the floor. I sat down in the front half of the bus, which seemed to be the quietest. A few kindergarten kids were poking the seats with pencils and laughed. They weren’t very smart, because they traced their names into the seats. I didn’t bother telling them to stop.                                                                                                                                                    
“Hi Sophie the First! How was school?” Mom said to me with a big smile on her face. She has called me this my whole life and I am starting to get embarrassed. She is literally talking to me as if I was her little baby. 
“Hey mom.. It was horrible! I am still going to do my homework tho cause I am a ‘good-girl’.” I replied fast and stomped up the stairs to my new room. Tears ran down my cheeks and my vision became blurry as I slammed the door close. I would not survive.
The weeks went by slowly, and I was still sitting by myself at the same lunch table, without anyone to talk to and my teachers sounded as if they were talking jibberish.

Being bullied by the popular gang has become part of my everyday routine. Today before lunch they had ‘broken into’ my locker and put a frog in there. I am not a fan of frogs or insects and I didn’t enjoy my new resident. I threw it out. I have tried telling the teachers and my parents about my problems with that group, but the teachers say that they have more important things to deal with, and tell me that time will solve everything. As well as that I need to have some patience.  

The only thing that got me out of bed each morning was knowing that Hannah would be visiting for Christmas. We had bought a tree and decorated it. I was sitting on our sofa and staring at the tree, thinking of everything I had been through in the past 6 months. The day I had been waiting for this whole time had finally arrived. Hannah was coming. I was excited however a little anxious too. We had not met each other in almost half a year and I didn’t know how she was doing anymore. I mean, we have talked on the phone and emailed, however that wasn't the same thing.

I was standing by the window looking out the door. I saw a cab pulling up our driveway and Hannah jumped out, followed by her parents. Hannah wore a pair of ripped jeans and a thick jacket.
“Hey Sophie! How are you doing?”  She asked in her natural voice. I thought that she was more excited coming to see me.
“I am ok...I have missed you soo much! What about you Hannah?” I replied giving her a hug. I loved her as a friend, although today I didn’t know what I was thinking about it. She shrugged her shoulders,
“Good, I guess.”
When it was dinner time Hannah and I sat down on the opposite sides of the table. Both of us were sitting up straight and had nervous faces. After a few weird stares from my parents, I asked Hannah a bit about my old school, but she just gave me short answers and after sometime I decided to give up. She didn’t ask me anything about my new-life. She just sat there and stared at her food, then she took a bite or two and continued the cycle. We had never been mad with each other or satten quiet while eating dinner. Something had changed between us, and I was sensing that it wasn’t a good one.

It had snowed during the night and I convinced Hannah to go skiing down the road and around in the neighbourhood. She liked the idea and I felt relieved. After breakfast we put on our skis and started off down the road. I was not very sure if I should start a conversation with her or not, or if she was going to ask me first.
“So how are you doing? You have looked a little bit down, not very happy.” said Hannah.
“Well it has not been an easy move and I am just missing you and everyone terribly. I have not found any new friends and a gang of ‘popular kids’ has ganged up on me, doing whatever it takes to make me mad or sad.” Hannah looked a bit concerned as I was telling her this and then she told me,
“I have not had it easy either. People have been teasing me about you and saying that I don’t have any other friends and that I will need to get more than one friend to hang out with. That’s why I was a little bit weird yesterday. If you know what I mean...”
“Yeah I get it. It’s fine. I guess I was acting a little weird too,” I replied. It felt as if the curse broke and we started laughing, and it felt as if we were back to normal again.
After some time we got to a steep hill, which my school bus takes each morning. I told her that I would go first and so I did. I slipped. I woke up at the bottom of the hill and saw a blurry Hannah coming down towards me. Why did you have to be so clumsy?  I asked myself.
“Are you okay?” she asked breathlessly.
“I think so,” I said trying to sit up properly. Sitting up went well but I could not stand on my left foot.

Hannah supported me all the way home and when we got to our house our parents started freaking out. It felt good to have a friend again. They iced my foot and gave me hot chocolate. I was sitting in the sofa watching the Christmas tree sparkle. Hannah was sitting next to me asking me how I was doing. The foot was swelling even more and the ice didn’t seem to help much. My parents took me to the hospital and the doctor thought that I had fractured my foot and that it will take sometime to heal and that I would need to wear a cast.

A few hours later I was sitting in the sofa and Hannah sat next to me. We were telling jokes like we used to and were drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream. We were laughing so much that we almost fell off the sofa. My mom came to us once in awhile and reminded us to stay calm and made me have my foot still, because it needed some rest in order for it to heal. This was the best yet worst Christmas ever.

A few days later it was christmas and Hannah and I were super excited. During the day we sat inside talking and telling each other's our doubts and secrets. It had been a long time since I had someone to talk to (other than my parents). We were both updated on each others lives and knew every single detail that was going on. Maybe fracturing a foot wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In the evening we opened our presents. I had bought some candies as well as a candle for Hannah. She opened her presents and gave me a big hug. I got almost the same thing from her and we both cracked up laughing. Our parents looked at us weirdly and smiled at eachother. I think that they were glad seeing me happy again, because in the last 6 months I have been a Debby Downer, and had not smiled more than maybe 5 times. We tried to stay up as late as possible and at 3AM in the morning we both fell asleep on the sofa when watching a movie.

In January she left to go back home and we were both sad that we needed to leave each other. As well school was starting. I had not been thinking about that at all over the break. The students would probably be sitting in their groups talking about their christmas breaks and laughing, having a great time. What if I had to continue sitting in my corner until the end of the year all alone, again?

When I came back to school everyone kept staring at my foot. They looked concerned for me. I continued my normal routine and sat by myself during lunch, at the same table I had in the first semester. I felt as if something had changed. I wasn’t bullied as much as I was before and the teachers payed more attention to me in class. After about a week or two I had noticed that the ‘popular’ group had been looking at me and whispering to each other. One of the ‘popular’ girls came up to me and introduced herself,
“How was your break? What happened to your foot? It looks really bad. Oh and by the way my name is Patricia, if you didn’t already know that.Do you want to hang out with us?”
“My break was really good actually and my foot has been worse. Are you sure that it would be okay if I sat down with you guys? Cause it is kind of lonely sitting in the corner...”
“I can imagine. But sure come and sit with us!” she replied in a happy voice. Patricia took my plate and followed me to their table. The group apologized for making me sad and angry, and we all started to have fun together. I made many new friends and I loved my life. Other groups in the school started to mix up as well and in the end we were with each other. Together.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Perhaps Poem...

Inspired by Shu Ting.

Perhaps the thoughts we have
 will not be heard
Perhaps our thoughts do not matter to anyone but us
they are a waste of time, blown away
Perhaps the choices we make
 will not be valued
Perhaps the candles lit
will slowly steadily the flame will be gone  

Perhaps when the lights are out
warmth will come to us
Perhaps we make people smile
  creating new thoughts
Perhaps our thoughts are unique
however some are stolen
Perhaps people like what we do
copying our writings might not be as hurtful as it seems

Thoughts are delivered and powerful messages send out
We were chosen for a reason and accepted our mission

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Growing Up...

When you look into the mirror it’s not very noticeable.
You look like your usual self.
Maybe a bit taller than before,
And a few years older.
However the smile on your face is still the same.

People say that you got your mom’s nose and your dad’s eyes,
And maybe that is true.
However you don’t want to look exactly like them,
Or you hope you don’t.
At least not yet.

Your friends start to act differently,
Some changing faster than others.
Everyone starts judging,
Wearing more makeup and acting ‘cool’.
Some of them might be lost,
You don’t know.
You didn’t care how you looked like when you were younger,
However you have started to think differently.

Sitting on your bed in your own bubble,
You hear high pitched voices screaming at you;
Wash the dishes,
Make your bed,
Clean your room,
Don’t forget that you are babysitting tonight,
The commands pile up for every year that goes by.

It becomes hard,
Giving your old princess costumes away.
So many memories,

Growing up,
We all go through it.
It is like studying for a hard test,
When you look back at your paper you see that you made some silly mistakes.
This is what is happening to you now.
It is hard,
But you are,

Taking a big step in life.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Words Hiding Behind Masks

Words travel, without warning, delivered directly to your heart. Once inside they storm into your brain hiding in the darkest, deepest, most dreadful corners stored for usage later on - echoing, in your head always shouting out brilliant new ideas or phrases to use. They are seeking your attention.
They could be considered as dull bosses. Without permission dressed in black taking up residence in your brain always living in the penthouse with chandeliers and expensive furniture. Screaming, shouting and hollering at you for not using them correctly.
However, words can be kindergarten teachers always dressed in bright colors leaving footprints behind them. Giving you care, treating you with respect and flooding your brain with nothing but nice words - teaching you how to grow and expanding your dictionary.
Words can be your best friend who you always have fun with, or they could be a bully hunting you down whenever they have the chance. Taking you to another world where words are more tangled than your hair in the mornings. 
Sometimes words can help you escape from tough situations. They do not always make sense, however, they act smart and are easy to understand quickly for the most part. Words do not come via mail, if you want them you have to find them yourself. They are always there for you whether you need them or not, they could be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Words are something we can’t run away from they will always be there for us no matter what.